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Es Tudons

Foto Es Tudons 

The Es Tudons farm is located in the municipal area of Ciutadella and is managed under organically certified agriculture. The reorientation of this farm's agricultural model has taken shape over recent years, with three key aspects: organic production, recovery of autochthonous breeds and the implementation of the land stewardship. The products currently offered by the farm include traditionally produced cheeses and suckling lamb ("anyell de llet") meat, Menorcan red cow meat and pork meat. Bep, the estate's farmer, is personally responsible for handmade cheese production, using the raw milk obtained from the two daily milkings of their cows.

Contact: Bep Llufriu
Address: Camí Vell, km 4,5
Municipality: Ciutadella de Menorca
Telephone number 1: 628 47 35 28
Telephone number 2: 971 18 80 01
Email address: estudons@gmail.com
Website: Not available
Facebook: Not available
Production method: Organic farming
Farm outlet: Yes
Commercial brand: Es Tudons